We are often asked to give our critique of different websites and it’s rare we find a site that has all elements in place for optimal conversion. Luckily, improving your website doesn’t take algorithms or expensive marketing firms… it can be as simple as doing these 8 things.

Since most people miss the basics we put together this handy infographic to help you determine whether your site has all the elements in place to be fully optimized for conversion.


You have 8 seconds before your visitor leaves. Here are 8 elements you need in place in order to turn that visitor into a customer.

  1. The banner above the fold: Add a great headline, banner image and sub- headline.
  2. The call to action: Use a strong call to action with words that inspire urgency.
  3. Credibility: Add credibility to your site through publication and partnership logos.
  4. Bullet points: Use bullet points to help your audience easily digest your information quickly at a glance.
  5. Images: Use clear beautiful images to sell your product.
  6. Testimonials: Gather personal testimonials from your customers.
  7. Contact: Give them an easy way to contact you.
  8. Exit Intent Pop up: If you don’t convert on the first try, an exit intent pop up creates a funnel that will allow you to keep marketing to your visitor.

And of course… A/B test all of your changes. A/B testing is the only way to know how your changes are improving your bottom line.


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