According to Marketing Sherpa, visitors are 64% more likely to buy your product when there is a video involved. With those numbers, common sense says that video should always be a priority for your ecommerce sites right?

But video is so hard to make… isn’t it?

Right now, video is easier to make than ever and because of the fast and fleeting nature of video, people don’t expect to only consume blockbuster productions. They are satisfied and even often prefer timely, genuine productions over salesy commercials.

Not only do people prefer video, but Google does too. According to new Google updates, if you use video consistently (and host it on Youtube) you will rank higher than competitors that don’t use video. Besides the SEO benefits, using video helps you connect with people like no other medium can, so without further adieu…

Here are a few ways to make video a part of your product marketing strategy.

Demonstration video

Have a product that’s complex or even super simple? People love demonstrations. Think infomercial without the cheesy selling. By being genuine and showing the benefits of your product or service through a video demonstration, you can help tip your conversion scales.

An example of perhaps one of the most famous demonstration video series.

Examples of videos you can create

A product company:

Demonstrate how their most requested product solves a problem.

A service company:

Show how they do one of their most popular services

A subscription box company:

Show the contents of their subscription boxes.


A behind the scenes video

Screenshot 2016-02-23 07.33.47

Again, this type of video is all about connection. The more invested your customers are in your business, the less likely they are to purchase from your competitor. By connecting with your customers and making them a part of the story by showing them “where the magic happens”, you are building a strong bond.

A product company:

Show how your product is made. This is where you can boast about safe factory practices or quality materials you use.

A subscription box company:

Show packing day/ how business gets done when it is time to ship monthly shipments out.

A service company:

Show people are your office. Give them a day in the life of…

Testimonial Videos

This is one of the most powerful videos you can create. Having other people sing your praises is a great way to build credibility. Adding your video to your homepage is one of the number one ways to increase conversions. Whether you are asking one of your loyal customers to make a video about how much they loved your product or service or you have contacted an influencer to review, video reviews by customers are powerful conversion tools.


A product company:

Show one of your customers interacting with your product and talking about how it solved their problems.

A subscription box company:

While unboxing, ask your customer to address the value of what is in the box.

A service company:

Get a customer to review your service on camera. Ask then to speak about specific aspects they loved and to recommend you highly.

So where do you put your video once its ready?

Once you have produced a video, there are a number of places your video can live. This solely depends where your audience is looking. It is always recommended to place your videos on Youtube for SEO purposes. By using certain keywords, you can get your video to rank and adding call to actions to your video can drive traffic to a landing page you have set up.

You can also repurpose the videos you place on Youtube for your Facebook fan page, Instagram, Snapchat… wherever your audience is. For services businesses, Youtube should be your priority. For product and subscription boxes, focusing on Instagram and Youtube while not neglecting Facebook should be the game plan.

So what’s next?

Video is a powerful way to build your business. Pick up your phone and start creating.

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