Want to get your company to $100,000 a year in sales? Or more than a million?¬†You won’t get there without a solid email marketing plan.

For almost any online business, collecting, and marketing to those emails will yield some of the best returns out of any marketing channels. Best of all, it’s pretty inexpensive.

So how and where do you collect emails with a local business, or eCommerce store?

With GrooveJar’s apps, we see this typical break down in where emails are collected.

1. 35% Come from an initial pop up with an offer.
2. 25% Come from bars
3. 20-25% Come from an exit intent Pop Up (high value)
4. < 10% Come from newsletter sign ups
5. 5-10% Come from cart abandonment (super high value)

That sounds like a lot of email management, especially for a younger company short on resources to create multiple email campaigns, lists, offers, and manage different products to handle them all. You’ll need a pop up software, some email software, a cart abandonment software, it’s pretty exhausting.

Well now GrooveJar handles that.

GrooveJar collects every single email typed on your site. No matter where, no matter the email field, and no matter if it’s even submitted.

We’ll track the user that submitted that email, and if they did not convert, we’ll send them a drip campaign from inside GrooveJar, and track them when they convert.

It’s the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to build your email list, and more importantly, your revenue.

Here’s a video explaining how this feature works in more detail

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